Kindergartens often look forward to synthetic surfaces when they are looking for a safe, soft, durable and inviting playing surface. Artificial grass is a soft yet extremely durable, high quality all-weather surface that comes in a great range of colours. Creatively installed, it can transform your playground into an area that maximizes fun, minimizes injury, and promotes play and activity all day whatever the weather. Synthetic Grass provides a long-life, low maintenance solution to create unique and inviting play areas that put children’s safety first. Some of the key features include…

Much more durable than natural grass

Ideal for high use or waterlogged area

Non-abrasive, shock absorbing surface for safer playgrounds

The free draining synthetic surface is playable in any weather, so energetic kids are not kept inside because of wet or muddy play areas

Easy to clean for a more hygienic playground

Requires little maintenance, keeping costs to a minimum

Remains beautiful and inviting for years - no more mowing, weeding, watering

The design options are endless, allowing you to combine vibrant colours and shapes to create a wonderfully stimulating and interactive surface such as hopscotch, pathways and logos And under the soft non-abrasive surface we can include the optimum level of rubber pad cushioning for various pieces of play equipment to meet soft fall to critical height regulations

Application: Play Schools, Balconies, Terraces, Kids Area in Malls

Warranty: 5 Years